Monday, July 22, 2013

This and that

So before I actually begin I want to say that I am typing this on my phone and if there are mistakes thats why.

Ok so were to begin....

Well I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but early on came out and evaluated Aly. She is very slightly delayed in her motor skills, but the main concern they have is her language skills. She has a hearing test this Wednesday to see if that may be part of the problem. They also said she needs further evaluation, but they cant do that till September. We go to play dates ever Tuesday for an hour.

Some may find this next thing not so big but to me it is. Yesterday Aly actually an knowledge her cousin. They are around 15 months apart and ever since Lily was born Aly wanted nothing to do with her. Also ignored her and acted like she wasnt there. Yet when they were over yesterday Aly was hugging on her and was trying to pull Lily to were she wanted. It made me so happy seeing her do that.

Aly has also learned how to take off her clothes and diaper. She loves to take them off and run around naked.

I know every child learns at their own pace, but seeing Aly doing stuff that she should have been doing months ago makes me so happy. I get excited over little things that some would think odd.

On to other great news!!! After 6 years together Rob and I have finally gotten married! Its so great to finally have the same last name as Aly.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alyzea's cardiologist Appointment

I have mentioned how much I love Alyzea's cardiologist and his office? I swear that everyone that is in that office are always so nice and answer any questions that we may have. 

So today Alyzea weighs 24lbs and 11oz, and is 2'9''. So her echo was good, her pressure gradient is around 35. Today though her EKG was showing that her QTc was high, she was up in the 400's with that.  Because she has never had a problem with her EKG's before he order for her to have a Holter Monitor on for 24 hours to see what is going on. Till he finds out what is going on she is not allowed to have any Zpacks for infections. 

On a another note, we found out today that she actually has a unicuspid valve instead of a bicuspid valve. A while ago I mentioned to him that I thought that it was a unicuspid valve, but he had told me no it wasnt. It turns out that Mott's says it is and when he looked again it is a unicuspid valve, but sometimes it looks like a bicuspid valve. He actually showed me on the echo today. 

We go back in 4 months to see how things are going. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

18 month wellness check

Today we had Alyzea's 18 month wellness check(at 19 months). Everything physically is going good. She weighs 24lbs, and is 31.75 ins long. 

Right now the main concern that the doctor has is her developmental issues. So the doctor wants her to have a hearing test and have early on come in and evaluate her. So its a waiting game. 

Next month we go to the cardiologist and see how well her heart is doing. 
(really short post this time lol)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ROAD TRIP!!!!! and other things

This is when we found out that she was allergic to Cedfinir also
So some more news on the allergic reaction front. It turns out that Aly is also allergic to the Cefdinir along with the Amoxicillin. Since she has had an allergic reaction to both Penicillin's and Cephalosporin's the doctor has told us that she cant have any of these antibiotics.

Aly in purple, Lily in pink and their great grandparents
Luckly we got her reactions under control in time for us to take a trip down to IN to see my grandparents. It was just my mother, sister, her daughter, Aly, and myself. An all girls trip! It was actually alot of fun. The two main reason for taking the trip down was A) for my grandparents to meet my sisters daughter and B) To spend some time with our grandfather who's health has been on the rocks. I was a bit bummed that Aly really didnt want nothing to do with my grandfather but she has only met him twice her whole life so what can you do? 

A then and now pic of Bella

 So we have also had Bella for almost 7 weeks now and its been going great. She does so good with Alyzea! Aly is in her face all the time or pulling on her tail and Bella just takes it. Bella also gets so happy to see Aly when we get back from some where or even when Aly gets up for the morning or from her naps.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ear infections, pneumonia, and allergic reaction OH MY!!!

Yep just like the title says Aly has had all three in a week.

Sitting with mommy and Bella
Last Wednesday morning at 12 am Aly woke up majorly congested. It was so bad she ended up getting sick and bringing up alot of the drainage she had. Mommy and Aly also ended up sleeping in a chair because she just couldnt sleep in her crib even with it prop up. She also ended up getting a fever around noon that day. So I took her to the ER because we couldnt get into the doctors. At the ER we found out that she had a double ear infection and an URI. They did a Chest Xray and the radiologist thought she may have the beginnings of pneumonia but the ER doctor told me that she didnt. We were sent home with Amoxicillin and told to follow up with her family doctor.

Because I didnt feel comfortable with someone saying she had pneumonia and then someone saying she didnt I called her family doctor and got her an appt. for Thursday and I also got a copy of her Xrays to have her family doctor look at.  . All Wednesday she kept fighting her fever. It didnt seem to want to go below 101 and the highest her temp got was 103.7. She wasnt sleeping good at all and so her and mommy slept in a chair again. When we got to the doctors I gave the nurse the CD and asked if she could have the doctor look at the xrays before she came in. Well the doctor came in not long after that and told us she didnt need to look at the CD because the final report that came in said she did have pneumonia in her upper left part of her lung. She told us to stay on top of the tylenol and motrin for 24 hours straight. Tylenol every four and motrin every six hours, and if by friday at 4 pm it still hasnt gone down we were to call the office back. Well that night her fever broke and we were able to move to our beds in the early morning. 

All weekend long she has been doing great. She has been her happy little self and with how she has been acting you would never had known that she was sick. 

She had a follow up today at her doctors and when we got there we noticed that Aly had a rash all over her stomach and back. When the doctor got into the room we showed her the rash and it turns out that Aly is allergic to Amoxicillin. So she was taking off of that and put on Kelflex(sp?). Her lungs sounded great so the pneumonia has pretty much cleared up, but her right ear drum is still bulging out so her ear infection hasnt cleared up in that ear yet.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long over due post.

Wow I cant believe it has been so long since I made a post on how things have been going!

So alot has happened the last few months. Some sad and some good. Where to start off?? well lets do the bad first.
Alyea and her Grandpa

On March 3rd Alyzea lost her grandfather after a month long battle in the hospital. He went in to have a cath put in and two days after that he had a heart attack. When he was in the hospital they also found out that he had phonmuna(sp) in one of his lungs. Two weeks later after they had done a heart cath to see the damage the heart attack had done he suffered from a stroke. It was then we also found out that he had Cdiff and they had to put a feeding tube in his stomach. After about a week in the hospital they moved him to carelink. For a bit there he was able to do the therapy they wanted him to do, but then his body stopped doing anything. The Cdiff wasn't clearing up, dialysis was making him weaker  and his food wasn't digesting like it should have been. When his family made the decision to stop dialysis and make him a DNR it didn't take him long at  all to pass. From what we have been told he didn't suffer and that make us feel just bit better. Both Rob and his family are taking it one day at a time. His mom is so use to taking care of his father that she hasn't known what to do. 

Bella not long after we got her
So a week later we got the family a puppy. They say they got it for Alyzea and that it was her puppy but I believe its for all of them. Her name is Bella and she is a 15 week old beagle/black lab mix. I couldnt have asked for a better puppy for the family. She does so good with Alyzea and she just loves Bella.

Because of what had happened to his dad Rob never went back to work. He has been taking care of his mom and at the time his dad also. So now he is a Stay at home dad. Around the time his dad had is stroke I started working at Allegiance Health Hospital as a Diet Aide. I really love this job, I help paitents order food and bring it to them when it comes up from the kitchen. It is actually a job I like going to everyday, and working here I found out that the hospital has taking to doing a pulse ox test on the all the newborns 24 hours after they are born to screen for heart defects. I was SOOO happy to hear this.... 

How big Alyzea has gotten