Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some great achivements!!

So Ali has been blooming with her speech! She has gone from a 4 word vocabulary to a 15 word vocabulary.  The goals that her speech therapist has set for her she is already reaching.  She has said on multiple times the new speech therapist is going to have to set new goals for the school year. I am starting to believe that me staying home was truely the best decision I have ever made.

On a different note, we saw the sleep specialist and they checked her ferritin levels. It tuens out that if feritin levels are low they can cause issues sleeping and can cause someone to twitch and jerk in their sleep. Well Ali's levels were 19.7, they want them to be 50 or 100. So we have started her on iron supplements and we go back in 2 months and see were her levels are at then.