Monday, July 22, 2013

This and that

So before I actually begin I want to say that I am typing this on my phone and if there are mistakes thats why.

Ok so were to begin....

Well I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but early on came out and evaluated Aly. She is very slightly delayed in her motor skills, but the main concern they have is her language skills. She has a hearing test this Wednesday to see if that may be part of the problem. They also said she needs further evaluation, but they cant do that till September. We go to play dates ever Tuesday for an hour.

Some may find this next thing not so big but to me it is. Yesterday Aly actually an knowledge her cousin. They are around 15 months apart and ever since Lily was born Aly wanted nothing to do with her. Also ignored her and acted like she wasnt there. Yet when they were over yesterday Aly was hugging on her and was trying to pull Lily to were she wanted. It made me so happy seeing her do that.

Aly has also learned how to take off her clothes and diaper. She loves to take them off and run around naked.

I know every child learns at their own pace, but seeing Aly doing stuff that she should have been doing months ago makes me so happy. I get excited over little things that some would think odd.

On to other great news!!! After 6 years together Rob and I have finally gotten married! Its so great to finally have the same last name as Aly.