Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where Alyzea is right now....

I figure it was time to write a post on how baby is doing....

And let me tell you that she has been doing great!! On the first of this month we took Alyzea to the Toledo Zoo. Rob was on vacation and we really wanted to do something as a family. Even though Alyzea really didnt pay attention to the animals, we had a great time, being able to just spend time as a family. 

Alyzea has gotten crawling down to an art and she is getting into everything that she can. She likes to come into the kitchen when you are cooking, and pulls out all of the pots and pans and "help" you cook. She also loves to crawl into her grandparents room and stand at the end of their bed and just "talk" to her grandparents. She loves going outside and just sitting on someones lap looking around at the trees. Then she sees one of the cats and then its a fight to get out of who's ever lap she is sitting on and get to the cat. She loves the cats, but the cats aint so sure about her.

She has also been standing with the help of things. Sometimes she forgets that she doesnt have good balance and would turn to start walking and fall down. She has been trying to stand on her own but she just hasnt been able to get that other foot under her and stand. I was out one night but I was told that she stood without holding on to anything waving a stuffed animal at everyone for about 4 seconds. When you grab her arms she will take off walking and sometimes even running, so I know that we will be seeing her walking very soon.

She has just popped out her fourth tooth sometime this week. I have noticed that I will see a tooth coming in and will watch it, but it wont come through till I stop watching it. I didnt even noticed that she had her third tooth till I was tickling her and saw it.

We have been fighting with her on taking bottles and sometimes eating. Its like she is getting tired of the taste of formula. I find that when I feed her at night she doesnt fight the bottles as much as she does during the day. So where she wont drink as much during the day I will make her bigger bottles at night so that she gets her intake that she needs. As for eating, she eats what she wants. I could make her an egg on day and she eats it all, but then two days later I make her another one and she wont touch it. She is doing pretty good at feeding herself but its just finding something that she likes. I could give her something to eat and she will take like 4 bites then start spitting it out and doesnt want it anymore. The one thing that I have noticed she loves to eat are blueberries. So we went to the farms market and got 5 pounds of blueberries and froze some of them for later.

So we go and see her cardiologist on September 4th. I am feeling very confident that everything is going to be good, but we will know for sure in a few weeks.