Tuesday, July 31, 2012

9 month photobomb!

Family shoot
When cousin Jo was up in Michigan we got photos done. They were a combo of Alyzea's 9 month and family pictures. Rob is not in any of these ones because he was working, but when Alyzea turns a year old we will be getting family photos done.

mommy and alyzea
cousin jo
cousin jo and alyzea

aunt heather and alyzea
aunt dee and alyzea

love that face!!

my sisters and me

Aunt Dee is actually 23 weeks pregnant with cousin Lily

 I should make a note that I have tried everything to get these pictures in a order and nothing is working. Sorry that they jump around!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cousin Jo's visit

Alyzea and her cousin Jo
So Alyzea's cousin came to MI at the beginning of the month. She comes once a year, and this was the first time that she got to meet Alyzea. Despite their age differences( 14 years) they both had a blast, and I loved seeing them together. They went to the zoo together, we went down to IN to see family, and everytime I went to my parents house we went swimming.

It was really nice going down to IN and seeing my grandparents. About 3 years ago(I believe) my grandfather had a massive heart attack, and ever since then he has been weak and having other health problems. Knowing that he has been able to see Alyzea twice so far has been great. 

Alyzea and her great grandpa

As for swimming, Alyzea LOVES the water.... and I have a feeling that once she gets older I am going to have a fight on getting her out of the water. For now I am just loving seeing her so active and not having any problems. It bothers me that I keep thinking at night before bed, that one day she is going to take a turn for the worst like she did when she was 6 weeks old. Then every morning I wake up to her laughing and talking in her crib. Then watch as she crawls ALL over the place and watching her trying to take steps even though she has no balance at all. Thats when I tell myself to stop worrying about things that yes, it could happen again, but for now she is a happy baby, enjoy it.  
playing at the edge of the pool
I love that smile...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alyzea's 9 month check up

So it has been a while but Alyzea had her 9 month check up last Monday. Everything was great!! she is now 27 inches long and weighs 17lbs 14oz. The doctor was really happy with how well Alyzea has been doing. She has really become very mobile now and she is getting into everything! They checked her blood for lead and since they were doing that I ask the Doctor to do a full CBC on her. In the past her platelets have been high and I was wanting to see if they were still up there. I got the call the next day and her blood work came back good, so that is always a plus.
This time around we saw a different doctor and while we were in there we were talking about how during the winter everytime they saw a child with breathing problems they questioned if it was just a cold or if it was a heart problem. It makes me feel good knowing that the doctors are putting more thought into a diagnoses of a child then just saying oh its a cold. If it wasnt for this office and the doctors there my daughter might not be here today. I will always be thankful to them and Dr. Loker and to Mott's.