Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Her cardiologist appointment today

So we just got back from her appointment and we are in the clear for 3 more months!! She is now 29 inches long and weighs 20lbs. Her Bp was 78/00, pulse was 115, her O2 was at 99%. He didnt do an echo today because he said that she was looking really good and sounded great. He says that her murmur was also softer. When we go back in Dec. we will have an other echo done to see where she is at right now. All in all it was a great appointment. She acted shy around him today which was a shocker, but she also hasnt seen him in 4 months so that may be why. 

On another note we actually got Alyzea to use a walking toy yesterday and got a video of it. I uploaded it on here so hopefully it works. Soon very soon she will be walking. As much as I dont want to have her grow up I cant wait to see her walking on her own.