Sunday, October 7, 2012


Alyzea and her dad
Well her actual birthday is tomorrow but we had her party today. It was a bit depressing cause the weather wasnt that good, but we made the most of it and it turned out to be a great day. I really didnt have to worry to much about Alyzea getting cold because she holds heat like her dad does.

 She got a lot of clothes and a good amount of toys. She loved smashing the cake! she didnt eat to much of it but she just loved playing with it. What I really loved about today was my close friend has a disabled son, and Alyzea just loved him. When I was talking to him she just had to come and sit with him and me. There was a time where she actually wanted to sit on his lap. When we put her in his lap she leaned down and gave him kisses. I just cant believe that she is turning one tomorrow! I love her so much....

Giving Kisses to Noah

Getting all over him

Sharing our cake together

mommys little monkey
I love this pic of her and her dad!

She has also started to walk by herself. I my self consider her to be a walker. She crawls a lot still but she is taking about 15 to 20 steps at a time now. She is also pulling herself up and instead of dropping to her knees to crawl she has be just turning around and walking instead.

Again the pics dont want to go in any kind of order!!! sorry!