Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just thoughts and random things

So alot have been going on but it is not based on Alyzea so much. She was in the hospital over night for a fever and an ear infection. The only reason why we had to stay was because her heart rate was up and the ER doctor wasnt sure if she felt comfortable sending us home. As much as we dont like staying at hospitals I would rather be safe then sorry. She has also taking off walking like she has been walking for years. She is so small and cute walking like she does.

As I said alot has been happening. Rob aka daddy, had a cervical fusion done last monday. Everything went great and he has been doing good. He is not liking the fact that he cant hold his baby. When I took Alyzea to see him in the hospital she wasnt happy in his room, so I am thinking that she has some anxiety to hospitals, can you really blame her?

Sometime this month my sister is having her baby. I cant wait to meet Lily, it is going to be so cool having a niece around here. I really wish that my other niece and nephews could be around more.

So I have been thinking about doing something for CHD awareness week, I know that its not till February but I got to start it now so that when that week comes I can have it done. I am thinking that I am going to collect pennies from now till then, once that week comes I am going to turn in all the pennies and the money that I have collected I am going to give to Mott's as a donation. I get so tired at seeing things for cancer, and stuff like that but nothing on CHD. DONT GET ME WRONG, having a child going through anything like cancer or a heart defect is wrong, and children shouldnt have to go through anything like that. I just hate seeing that they will promote other things but people never really promote for CHD, but I cant sit here B*t*hing about it, I have to get up and start doing something. Its just going to be hard cause I have always been a follower not a leader.