Saturday, June 23, 2012

We Got the Beat! day full of fun...

Alyzea in her We got the Beat shirt.
So today Mott's had a picnic for all of the heart patents, and let me tell you they go all out for these kids. Even though Alyzea was to young for anything it was just great to walk around and meet new people. Adam and Jessica came with me and Alyzea in the morning but had to leave cause Adam had to work today. After they both left me and Alyzea walked around and then got our picture taken and had lunch. After lunch I met up with a mom and her family that I met online. It was great being able to talk to someone that is going through pretty much the same thing as us. It was my actual first in person conversation with another parent of a heart baby. Do to some problems at work rob got to us a little later then he had hope but it was fine. He was able to eat and look around.

Trying to get the pony with cousin Adam
While rob was eating we ran into Dr. Thor Thorrson(I belive thats how you spell his last name). Dr. Thor was the leading Dr. for Alyzea when were at Mott's for the first time. What really got me and Rob was that after only meeting us for one week 7 1/2 months ago he remember us. All we had to tell him was what was wrong with Alyzea and insistently he knew who we were. He sat down with us for a bit and ask how Alyzea was doing and while he was talking to us he laid his hands on Alyzea's chest and was feeling her heart beat while she slept, checking her over. All of the doctors are awesome at Mott's and I am happy that we go there. But I cant forget Dr. Loker either, he was the one that found that there was something wrong in the first place. 

On a side note.... I would like to point out that last week Alyzea started to crawl. She may not be crawling on hands and knees but she is crawling in her own way that is very cute. We go to her check up on monday so we will be able to see how much bigger she has gotten. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Alyzea's first time swimming

mommy and Alyzea in the pool
So yesterday we took Alyzea to my parents place to go swimming. You could tell that she wanted to play and have fun but the water was just to cold for her. She was in there for about 5 minutes then we got her out and she sat in a chair and played with her grandma. 
Spending time with daddy

In other news Alyzea is starting to really become mobile. She is now laying on her tummy and sliding backwards, going from a sitting postion to laying on her tummy, and she has also started to go from laying on her tummy to getting back into a sitting postion.  Sometimes I think she might bypass crawling all together and go straight into walking. I have been holding her hands and letting her "walk" to things and she loves it. So at the end of the month we go to her wellness check and she how she is doing.