Friday, January 17, 2014

AHHHH it's been so long!!!!

I can't believe I havrnt been keeping up in her blog! I have been working a lot more and it just slips my mind. Again I am writing this on my phone so if there are mistakes that will be part of the problem.

Ok so last left off, we were trying to figure out where aly was with her developmental problems. After they did a more in-depth eval we have found out that developmentally Aly is around 17 months old, her receptive communication is 16 days old, and then her expressive communication is 2 months old. We have speech out once a month, ot out once a month and then she has her home teacher come out twice a month. She also has group twice a week. Where language wise she is still very behind we are seeing a difference. She is making more vowel sounds instead of just grunts and mmm sounds. Her first actual word was hot, and just last week she called me ma for the first time.

We finally had her sedated hearing test done and her hearing is prefect! So that shines light on what could be behind her other issues.