Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alyzea's cardiologist Appointment

I have mentioned how much I love Alyzea's cardiologist and his office? I swear that everyone that is in that office are always so nice and answer any questions that we may have. 

So today Alyzea weighs 24lbs and 11oz, and is 2'9''. So her echo was good, her pressure gradient is around 35. Today though her EKG was showing that her QTc was high, she was up in the 400's with that.  Because she has never had a problem with her EKG's before he order for her to have a Holter Monitor on for 24 hours to see what is going on. Till he finds out what is going on she is not allowed to have any Zpacks for infections. 

On a another note, we found out today that she actually has a unicuspid valve instead of a bicuspid valve. A while ago I mentioned to him that I thought that it was a unicuspid valve, but he had told me no it wasnt. It turns out that Mott's says it is and when he looked again it is a unicuspid valve, but sometimes it looks like a bicuspid valve. He actually showed me on the echo today. 

We go back in 4 months to see how things are going.