Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alyzea's 6 month check up.

As of today Alyzea is 15 lbs 1 oz, 25 inches long, and a head measurement of 16 1/2 inches. Everything went good today and she took her shots like a pro. Cried when they went in but the minute I pick her up she stopped crying. 

When we went into the the appointment we had some concerns with alyzea having allergies and spitting up still. The doctor took a look in her nose and said that if a child has allergies the inside of their nose would kinda pale Alyzea's nose was pink and looking good. So we are to keep an eye on it. As for her spitting up her doctor wasnt that concerned cause she has still been gaining weight like she should be. The only thing that was a concern for the doctor was the fact that she wasnt eating her solids like she should. At the beginning she wasn't having any problems what so ever eating solids but once she started teething she wanted nothing to do with foods, so we stopped for a bit. Now that she has two teeth I started to feed her foods again but she just doesnt want to eat it. So for the next two weeks we are to try and get her to eat and if we have to force her to eat after two weeks we are to get back ahold of the office and let them know so that they can talk to a therapist. 

The one thing that made the doctor extremely happy was the fact that Alyzea was waving at her. She started that last night and I actually got her on film waving back at me. That is a 9 month marker from what her doctor said. So everything went great at this appointment next Tuesday we go to her cardiologist and see how everything is going on that front.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recap on the last 6 months

The following day after she was born
So I never really thought about writing a blog on my daughters life, I am not a good writer and I dont want to make a fool of myself with my writing techniques. But then it doesnt matter about any of that stuff, what matters is my daughter and everything she is has been through and everything she will be going through. 

Alyzea Louise was born on Oct. 8th at 4 am. She weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 18 inches long. Since she was born on a Sat. we stayed in the hospital till Monday, the whole time we were in the hospital no one caught that there was something wrong with her heart. 

Taken at Bronson before she was airlifted
Fast forward to Nov. 18th, after a week long battle with her doctor, the ER, and a urgant care. My daughter was amitted into Bronson's hospital in Kalamazoo. The following day, when she had just turned 6 weeks old, we found out that our daughter had Aortic Stenosis and was in congested heart failure. She was airlifted from Bronson to Mott's Children Hospital were on Nov. 21st Dr. Aiyagari went in for the first time to balloon her valve. It was shocking to see the difference in our daughter after the ballooning, and after just night she was moved to the main floor. She was discharged from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving. 
This was taken before her first ballooning
Waiting to be discharged on Thanksgiving

Taken after her second ballooning
On Feb. 10th she had to go back up to Mott's to have the ballooning done on her valve again. Everything went good, they said the ballooning had taken and that she was doing great. Then the following day after they had done a echo on her they found that the ballooning didn't take at all. Since she was not showing any signs of being in distress Dr. Aiyagari said that he wanted to wait till she was atleast a year old before they tried to balloon her valve again. 

On May 1st we go and see her cardiologists, Dr. Loker. As of right now her diagnosis is... Normal cardiac size and function with moderato concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. Her Aortic valve is bicuspid, thickened and doming with moderate to severe aortic stenosis with mean pressure gradient of 55 mmHg. That was taken from a letter he sent out to her pediatrician after our last check up. 

One of her 6 month pictures